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Online video content has become an absolute necessity for businesses of all types, and those offering all kinds of different products and services. But while the web video world is open and fun to enter, with low barriers to access, there are nevertheless several things to keep in mind when figuring out what to do – and what not to do – with your online content.

First, don’t forget to promote your video adequately. There are hundreds of millions of different videos surfing around the web, and just because you made it doesn’t mean that anybody is ever going to see it. Most online videos of products and services are only found on a company’s official website, which is fine, but what happens when you’re trying to convert customers that aren’t already on your website? Promote yourself using keywords in Google searches, buying advertisements on YouTube, and sharing your video on social media sites. You’ve got the content – now it needs to get out there!

Second, the physical creation of the video is critical and really, second to none. Don’t forget that the message and content is the central aspect of any good online video, meaning you must make sure your message is appropriate and on point. People are bombarded by too many options in online video, and it’s necessary to always keep your content on point, on task, and relevant.

Third, don’t forget to find the right talent – such as excellent animators or skilled crew and cast members to make a truly good online video. Yes, the barriers to entering the world of video creation are lower than they have ever been before, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one on camera every day. Let professionals take part in the craft, from producing and editing the video, to being the on-camera talent and personnel on the content itself. Talent makes you look good! Or of course, have it animated ;-)

Finally, never forget to do a test run of your video with your friends, family, or even a focus group. Find people you trust, who are going to tell it like it is, and get them to review your video and critique it. If something looks funny to them, it’s probably going to look funny to viewers at home – so trust their opinions and use their reactions to judge if what you have is a strong online video.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to do online video, make sure you do it right. And w

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