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What to Expect

We have the same basic process to build our videos from start to finish, but tailor it to your specific needs along the way. Below is an overview of what you can expect. Most projects take about 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on how fast you get back to us with feedback.

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Kind of like a first date, but way less nerve-wracking. We’ll set up a conference call and ask you to fill out a short questionnaire that will help us learn about your business. End goal:  Understand your business, discover your goals, and identify the style of video that best fits.


Step 2: What’s Your Story?

This is an important step as it guides the rest of the project. We’ll keep your script short, as you know we all have short attention spans…especially when there are a million other things competing for our attention. Our goal here is to keep the script around one minute, no longer than two. It should be informal and capture your target audience’s full attention, yet deliver a clear message. We’ll do 2 script concepts for you to choose from, then up to 2 revisions on your chosen script concept. End Goal: Final Script Approval.


Step 3: What Will It Sound Like?

Okay, so your script is approved. Now we turn it over to our Audio Production team. Your video includes a professionally produced audio track including script read, music bed (if desired) and sound effects (or as we refer to them, SFX). You can choose the type of voice talent you want for your explainer video from our pool over 20+ professional voice choices and we’ll do up to 2 revisions.


Step 4:  What Will It Look Like?

This is when it starts to get really fun. Based off of your approved script, we will create an outline of your video, showing the progression of the imagery.  In other words, we’ll start illustrating characters and other imagery for key scenes in your video. It will help us identify the style you are looking for before we move to production. It’s much more efficient to revise styles in this phase, rather than in the production phase. We’ll do up to 2 revisions on your imagery. End goal: Approved Imagery and Creative Direction of the animation.


Step 5: Lights, Camera, Animate!

Now on the homestretch! We’ll get to work creating your video and will give you a few previews along the way, so that you can make comments and suggestions. In this phase, we’ll do, you guessed it, up to 2 revisions. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you LOVE your video!


Step 6: Delivery

We’re just about done! Once your final video is approved, we’ll send it you in whatever file type floats your boat. Most of our clients choose .mov or .mp4 files, but just let us know of any specific file needs. We’ll also give you a super-neato D-I-Y guide to help you launch your video premiere.

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