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No two explainer videos are the same.

That would be boring. We don’t have time for boring, but we do have time to help you choose the best style of video to portray your business. Here are the styles we offer, along with a brief video to demonstrate its awesomeness.

Infographic Animation

Infographics are hot right now and oftentimes go viral, bringing tons of traffic to your website. This style uses typography, graphs, charts, and simple imagery. Take your infographic up a notch by bringing it to life in your explainer video.
Note: This style is also called 'Motion Graphics'.

Stop Motion Animation

This is a technique used to makes static objects appear as if they were moving and is one of the most simple and fun animation techniques. Part digital camera, part computer, and a big ‘ol scoop of imagination.

Cartoon Animation

Whimsical and likeable, this style allows you to explain your product or service in a fun format that takes you back to those Saturday mornings on the living room floor. Really, who doesn’t like to watch cartoons?

Stick Figure Animation

Ever sketch your ideas down on a napkin? Stick figure videos take those ideas and bring them to life, so that everyone else can see how brilliant your company is! These videos are stripped down, basic and keep the focus on your concept.


What better way to demonstrate your website or app then to actually demonstrate AND explain it at the same time? You choose what you want to highlight, we’ll do all the production stuff to make it look awesome.

Whiteboard Scribing

Whiteboard Scribing resembles a whiteboard session in your conference
room…but much more exciting, of course! Drawing out characters, concepts and
visualizing ideas with a marker on a whiteboard has never been so productive and fun!
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