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Greeting Cards are so old school.
Why not send your clients, employees, & colleagues a VIDEO greeting card?

  • -Unlimited recipients
  • -Use on website, emails, social media
  • -Environmentally friendly
  • -Doesn’t get thrown out as junk mail
  • -Sets you apart
  • -Helps smaller businesses compete
  • -Quick turn-around time

A Cost/Benefit Analysis

Cost of sending a traditional company holiday card using an online print company such as Shutterfly or Snapfish*
  • -Customized Photo Cards: $1.00 each
  • -Customized Folded Greeting Cards: $2.50 each
  • -Postage stamps: $0.45 each
  • Total: $1.45 - $2.95 per card mailed
So, if you have...
  • -100 recipients, your cost is projected to be: $145 - $295
  • -500 recipients, your cost is projected to be: $725 - $1,475
  • -1,000 recipients your cost is projected to be: $1,425 - $2,950
*Estimates based off of posted prices Nov 2012

Cost of a snazzy Holiday Video Card by Grow Web Video: Flat fee of $400 (up to :20 seconds, including holiday music, logo inclusion and a Holiday greeting of your choice)
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